Water is Life.

Showering is sensual.

Non toxic shower curtain up! For natural showering with DUWAX and a beautiful, plastic free bathroom.

DUWAX is the first ecologic shower curtain that combines an plastic free fabric with an PFOA free water repellency: Exclusive fabrics and beautiful designs made of cotton, environmentally friendly impregnated with wax. Handcrafted in Germany. Experience a sustainable start into the day with an unique shower curtain and enjoy the following advantages:

A DUWAX shower curtain is environmentally friendly
Good for you and good for the environment. DUWAX non toxic shower curtains are free of plastics, harmful PFOA chemicals and brighteners that can cause allergies or pollute the water. Treat yourself and your bathroom - beautify it in an environmentally conscious way! No matter which colour you choose, a non toxic DUWAX textile shower curtain is the green option, on the way to a plastic free bathroom.
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A DUWAX shower curtain is noble
Remarkable well-being: The warm, natural colours of the cotton shower curtain fabrics instantly create a cosy atmosphere in the bathroom. Each DUWAX shower curtain is unique. The waxed cotton looks individual and feels pleasant to the touch. The assembly is done by hand - 100 % in Germany.
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A DUWAX shower curtain is practical
No compromises in comfort. A DUWAX textile shower curtain does not stick to the body. Custom-made shower curtain: We would be pleased to manufacture your individual shower curtain, tailor made to measure and in any desired colour combination.
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This is how a DUWAX shower curtain becomes a permanent companion in your day
Just like any other textile shower curtain, the first, the last and everything is: let the shower curtain dry free and spread out after showering! Since the water from the shower curtain fabric drips off very well, a DUWAX remains clean for a long time. The shower curtain cleaning itself is very easy, environmentally friendly and as has been shown in tests just best done with a soft brush, cloth, sponge and liquid against lime like citric or acetic acid. If necessary, refresh the shower curtain water reppellency with an iron or commercially available treatments for waxed textiles.
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Enjoy your shower!

Duwax textile shower curtainNon toxic shower curtains for a plastic free bathroom

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